A levels Course Overview

The classic route to any university, recognised around the world.

Ideal for:

Ambitious and confident individuals who want to gain entry to the most competitive degree courses at a full range of UK universities and beyond.

A Levels Entry Requirements:

Location Cambridge Canterbury London*
Course Length 6 terms 5 terms 6 terms 6 terms* 5 terms*
Start date September January September, January September January
English Level IELTS 5.0+ (3-term fast-track min IELTS 5.5+)
Age 15.5+# 16+ 16+
Qualifications A secondary or high school level of education and a good school report

*Fast-track A levels course available, find out more
# Students must be at least 15.5 years of age on 1st September 2014

Key Features:

Focused study of four subjects in year one, usually reducing to three in year two.
25-30 hours of teaching per week
  Fast-track A levels course available
The traditional UK qualification offers access to the widest choice of universities

Specialist Programmes:

  • Medics Programme - for those wishing to pursue a career in Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry
  • Oxbridge Programme - advice and guidance for Oxbridge applicants
  • Key Professions - for those students set on entering the leading professions such as Law, Engineering, Accountancy, Architecture, Finance and Banking.

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