CATS College students attend Cambridge University conference at the Babraham Research Campus

Article Date: 2011/11/17 | Return to CATS College Cambridge news

A group of 22 students from CATS College recently had the opportunity to take part in a University of Cambridge conference taking place at the Babraham Research Campus - a global centre of excellence in Stem Cell research.

A group of 22 students from CATS College, including prospective Medical applicants on the Medics' Programme attended the schools' day activities at Babraham Institute, entitled "‘Frontiers in Stem Cell Research Conference’ at the Babraham Research Campus."

Globally renowned scientists presented their latest developments in Stem Cell research, the potential use of Stem cells in therapy; the importance of Epigenetics in Stem Cell research and the commercial aspect linked to research into Stem cells.


The lectures on the day included:

  • Stem Cells past, present and future Pluripotency, differentiation and epigenesis in human embryonic stem cells
  • Epigenetics and stem cells; coding for cellular identity
  • Maintaining muscle adult stem cells
  • The challenges and opportunities of commercialising stem cells
  • Stem Cells Inc – a commercial perspective
  • 'I have a dream...Bringing stem cells to the clinic’
  • Career talk & Epigenomics - towards the virtual nucleus
  • Global Stem Cells: a legal framework
  • Debating the issues in stem cell research

Students then participated in Question and Answer session, which culminated in a overall debate of issues relating to Stem Cell research.

CATS College Cambridge student, Ramiz Alda (Cambridge Pre-U at CATS College Cambridge), gave his response to the day:

The trip was one of the defining moments in my pursuit of medicine. I expected to cover topics such as the latest research, legal, and ethics surrounding stem cell developement. But then we looked even deeper into the industry with topics such as individual techniques, logistics, thought processes from current work, and the entire research & development to consumer process.

My favorite aspect of the trip was the face-to-face converstations with presenters, who ranged from CEOs of Biotechnology firms to Cambridge post-doctoral fellows.

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