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Students win language leader awards at CATS College Canterbury

Article Date: 2011/06/06 | Return to CATS College news

As part of the strong work on Student Leadership at CATS College Canterbury, students have just completed the first Language Leadership Awards Programme.

Students have been learning how to teach and deliver a short language lesson, think about their learning and how to convey a new language to other people.

Students also had to organise a language event for the College and run a competition between tutor groups on learning key words in Estonian, Spanish and French and teach lessons in German, Spanish, Japanese and Cantonese.

Our active Student Council alongside other College students have been trained in leadership skills by the University of the First Age and lead cultural events across the College every month.

They have also been involved in organising Climate Change stalls in Canterbury High Street, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and raising thousands of pounds for charity.

Please enquire for further details on entry to any September start programme in Canterbury.

Jonathan Ullmer, Principal of CATS College Canterbury, says:

Students here at CATS College Canterbury are amazing. We have 35 different nationalities and teach 16 different languages.

Government Inspectors praised our international ethos and the way everyone makes ours such a friendly and outward looking international community.

Our students are the leaders of tomorrow, and we can already see their skills in action here at the College."